Fru Land has a few rules that we have to create a friendly and secure experience for all of our players. We're happy to clarify any questions you may have regarding a specific rule or question – just ask a member of our staff team.

If you don't follow these rules, you will be punished!

Chat and Discord Rules

We want to ensure that all users feel safe and can enjoy playing on Fru Land, so we've created some simply chat policies/rules to encourage positive behaviour.

Any of the following is prohibited and not allowed on Fru Land:

  • Double posting/chat flood (spam) is not allowed – this includes fixing a mistake and you should instead wait a bit of time before sending another message
  • Advertisement of any Discord, server, inappropriate link/website or anything that is deemed to be off topic/offensive
  • Chat Impersonation – this also covers nicknames, do not /nick yourself to another user or you risk the access also being revoked
  • Sharing personal information
  • Disrespecting other players or staff members – racism, toxicity, suicidal encouragement, offensive insulting and more is not allowed! Use common sense!
  • Encouraging/promoting spam or toxic behaviour (i.e "Who wants free money?")

Server Rules

There's various common-sense rules for the Minecraft server that must be followed to ensure a fair, competitve and enjoyable playing experience.

Any of the following is prohibited and not allowed on Fru Land:

  • Killing players anywhere that is NOT the PVP arena at Spawn
  • Scamming Items and Money
  • TP Trapping Players
  • Griefing
  • Cheating or Hacking – any mod that gives an unfair advantage is not allowed and is a punishable/bannable offense (i.e hacked clients, auto clickers, key mapping, etc.)
  • Ban Evasion or Mute Evasion
  • Sharing illegal or illicit content
  • Exposing a bug or issue – regardless of how minor this bug may be, we are still able to punish you for not reporting it and for abusing it, please report all bugs!
  • Alt Abuse – You can only use a maximum of 2 alts per user, and any exception of this will result in a blacklist from the network
  • IRL trading (trading in-game items or accounts for money)
  • DDOS and DOX comedy is not allowed and doing so will result in a permanent ban/blacklist
  • Innappropriate skins and usernames are not allowed and will result in a ban until such is changed