Hey everyone!

If not already obvious by the title of this post, we're rebranding FruityCraft! Everything FruityCraft related will now live under the "Fru Land" name.

We've already gone ahead and updated the Store, Website, and Twitter, and plan to officially transition everything else over with our upcoming releases.

We've got an awesome new logo reflecting our rebrand, which you can check out below!

Official Fru Land Logo

❓ F.A.Q.

Why are you suddenly changing the name of the server?
Ultimately, we feel that this new name better reflects our brand. Fru Land is much more unique than FruityCraft, and gave us the opportunity to refresh the logo with a brand new theme.

With the Skyblock release and onwards, we'll also have a catchy new IP: play.fru.land

How does this change impact me?
This change is purely cosmetic! All of our previous links and domains will eventually start to redirect towards our new domain (fru.land), but as a player, nothing will be affected gameplay/experience wise.

What's next for Fru Land?
If you haven't already seen our previous blog post, we're releasing Skyblock very soon!

We would like to share that the release of Skyblock is being delayed until we can guarantee that the experience can be as seamless as possible. We will announce a revised release date for Skyblock in the coming days via Discord.

We're extremely excited about our Skyblock release, which is the first of many exciting announcements coming to Fru Land over the next couple months.