Hey guys!

This post will address a few frequently asked questions and their respective answers.

Is this server Java or Bedrock edition?
This server is running on Minecraft: Java Edition 1.16.3. This means you can only play if you have a computer.

How do I protect my items and builds?
When you settle on a location, type /claim to make that land only accessible to yourself. You can add members to that land using /land add [player name].

How do I play with friends?
To start playing with friends, create a town using /town. Then, invite players and claim land using /town claim and /town invite.

How do I get Fruit armor?
Fruit armor is obtained through the store and the Fruity Crate. Both can be found by clicking here.

What payment gateways do you currently accept?
PayPal and Stripe are our two supported gateways.

If I die will I lose my items?
If you die in a survival world, you'll lose your items. If you die in the PVP arena at Spawn, you'll keep your items.

Why can I not access the End?
The end will be disabled due to performance concerns indefinitely, but you can win shulker boxes in crates and purchase end items in-game through /shop.

Will you be adding new worlds?
There is a Resource World for both the Overworld and the Nether. Additionally, depending on player demand, we are ready to open new survival worlds.

How do I get a rank?
Ranks are obtained depending on the total amount you spend on our store. For example, Iron rank is obtained when spending $1-10 on our store, and you'll rank up to Lapis rank when your total balance (/donate in-game) reaches $11+.

How do I get to the Spawn world?
Type /spawn in-game.

What is the goal of Fru Land Survival?
Level up your town, sell items to the shop, and build awesome creations.

How often will you release updates?
Gameplay updates and bug fixes will be released every two weeks. You can expect a ton of new content and updates soon.

Have anymore questions? Feel free to ask a staff member in-game or on Discord.